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The SmartBean® Team delivers daily financial information
about your business…with a smile.

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How SmartBean® Works


Your dedicated SmartBean® Team provides accurate service with a personal touch. And, because we’re based in the U.S., we’re always available to answer your questions and discuss your business’s financial outlook with you.

Financial Software

SmartBean® uses QuickBooks Online to personally retrieve, categorize, and verify all transactions from your business accounts — banks, credit cards, PayPal, etc. — on a daily basis.

Mobile App

Our SmartBean® mobile app offers up-to-date information on your business and shares insights on how to maximize its success.

What To Expect


Allow SmartBean® to access your books.
Schedule three (3) separate virtual sessions — about a half-hour to an hour each — with your SmartBean® Team.

SmartBean® Team

Review your financial data.
Set up your chart of accounts to maximize tax credits and deductions.
Integrate the digital information from all your accounts — including banks, credit cards, vendors, payroll companies, etc. — with SmartBean® software and mobile app.
Review your business financial well-being.
Provide updated financial statements.
Begin daily bookkeeping and support services.

How SmartBean® Helps

Your business’s financial transactions are automatically downloaded to your QuickBooks Online account. You’ll be able to access it anytime; we’ll just manage it for you.
Your dedicated SmartBean® Team member learns your transactions, so that we can properly categorize them.
Your accounts are reconciled monthly to ensure accurate reporting.
Your past bookkeeping needs can be handled upon request. Just let us know, and we’ll catch up your records. (Additional one-time fee applies.)
Your sales taxes will be filed and paid on your behalf. (Additional monthly fee applies.)


Allow SmartBean™ access to your books.

SmartBean™ Team

Review your data.
Set up your Chart of Accounts to maximize tax credits and deductions.
Set up integration between all technology platforms (including banks, credit cards, vendors, and payroll companies) with SmartBean™ software and mobile application.
Review your business health.
Provide you with updated financial statements.
Begin daily bookkeeping services and support.

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