Meet the SmartBean® Management Team

We are the beans you can count on.

Management Team

CEO & Founder

Success is the ability to reward yourself with the gift of time.
— Lisa Nguyen
Lisa Nguyen, CPP, CPB

I’m certain that every life has purpose. The magic is in learning what that purpose is and embracing it. I’m not yet entirely positive of my life purpose, but I know this: I am happiest with my children (on their good days!), and when I’m able to make a positive impact in the life of fellow small business entrepreneurs.

Over the last 20 years, I have worked for, invested in, and owned my own small business. As a result, I have tremendous respect and empathy for small business entrepreneurs.

It takes intelligence, resilience, tremendous self-awareness and guts to start and build a viable business. My dream is to create products and bookkeeping  services which make intrepid entrepreneurs smile more, love more, and achieve more from life.

Lisa is a Certified Public Bookkeeper, a Certified QBO ProAdvisor, and a Certified Payroll Professional.

She earned her Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration from California State University, Fullerton and is currently enrolled in the MIT Sloan Executive Education program.

VP of Sales

And now here is my secret, a very simple secret: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.
– Antoine de Saint-Exupéry,
The Little Prince
Victor Constantino

I like to make things. In every stage of my professional life. Whether in public service, film, or tech — I’ve demonstrated a desire and need to create. To make real what was once only existed in my imagination. It’s an instinct shared by nearly every entrepreneur: a passion to pursue their vision and the willingness to work hard to realize it.

And it’s that courage and perseverance to endure that inspires my work at SmartBean®. It’s my pledge to take care of our clients’ small business bookkeeping  services so that they can focus on the aspects of their lives that they truly love: their business, families, and dreams.

My own diversions outside the office include movies, hiking, American politics, history, grilling, Danish pastries, writing, wine, and my ten-year-old. Not necessarily in that order, though, as Danish pastries and doughnuts would otherwise be higher on the list!

Victor, a native of Los Angeles, experienced his first East Coast winter while attending Harvard College. He soon decided to apply his government coursework and served as a staffer to Rep. Joseph P. Kennedy II (D-MA) on Capitol Hill. Upon returning to Southern California and year-round sunshine, he embarked on a long-desired career in film. He eventually joined Junction Entertainment, where he developed National Treasure.

He then co-headed his own production shingle, earning his inaugural producing credit as Executive Producer on Walt Disney Pictures’s Invincible. He later served as Sr. Vice President at Mayhem Pictures, shepherding the development of Secretariat and receiving Co-Producer credit on McFarland, USA.

Victor has since launched a sales career in financial services and insurance, quickly earning management roles at each firm. He joined SmartBean® in July 2020 as Manager, Sales & Marketing.

VP of Operations

Love the life you live, Live the life you love.
– Bob Marley
Laura Alexander

Living on the East Coast all of my life I never knew my dream job would be located all the way across the country in California!

One of my favorite parts about working for Smart Bean has been meeting so many new clients located across the U.S.! It is so fun to connect across a screen and help small business owners find direction and clarity in their finances while continuing to grow their businesses.

I believe that every day is a new day and feel best when I am helping others in any way I can with bookkeeping services. Being part of the Smart Bean Family has been such a rewarding experience and I am grateful for such an amazing team to work with.

When my workday ends, you will find me spending every moment I can with my daughter and our pup. From cooking together to running to dance or swim practices, our days are full of love and adventure. My daughter is and will always be my greatest accomplishment. I know without a doubt I was always meant to be her mom, and she was always meant to be my daughter. Just like each our small business bookkeeping clients, watching her grow and flourish is a gift I’ll never forget!

Sales Director

Today I live in the quiet, joyous expectation of good.
– Ernest Holman
Kandria Romero

I grew up in the Pasadena, CA area where my family had a small business for many years. I witnessed how hard they worked to make the business successful. I admired their resilience which they shared with most entrepreneurs.

After graduating from CSU-Northridge in 2007, I went to work in social services for 10 years. I enjoyed that profession but began a new career in sales in 2017 when my children were a bit older. I believe in being honest and straightforward in all areas of my life. My ability to empathize and communicate with people, especially business owners, is what makes me a good salesperson.

I am happy to share SmartBean® bookkeeping services with anyone I meet because I believe in its mission to change the way small business owners see bookkeeping and their numbers.

Kandria’s 11 years of social service work and sales experience makes her the perfect fit for being our Light Bean at SmartBean®. Kandria worked as a social services professional and was the program director at The MENTOR Network, where she supervised program operations and conducted trainings.

Kandria also served as district sales coordinator at AFLAC where she oversaw a half-million dollar producing district with direct supervision over 10 active agents. Her extensive work experience in coordinating with and helping people grow makes her a perfect fit to be an Account Executive at SmartBean®.

She chose to be the Light Bean so that she can bring the ‘Bean light of hope’ to our prospective life-long partners: our clients.

Client Service Representative

Believe in yourself and create a life you absolutely love.
– Unknown
Arhlenda Asperas

I have been working for larger businesses for more than 14 years. As I expanded my knowledge in working for larger companies, I was also curious as to how smaller businesses work. I always thought small business owners should just focus what their business is about, but I never really thought about the financial aspect of it.

Working here at SmartBean® as a Client Service Representative gives me the opportunity to see what it is like to handle our clients’ small business bookkeeping services, as well as being a partner in their business growth.

I always look forward to expanding my knowledge and experience in my chosen industry. It is always fascinating to see what life has to offer and it makes me realize that we all have the potential to achieve success!

Arlene acquired her expertise in invoicing and inventory management through working at Nissan USA. She became adept in working with CDK Global software, allowing her to efficiently track and pay dealer invoices, as well as manage incoming inventory.

Arlene’s 14 years of corporate experience combined with her adeptness in invoicing and inventory management make her an invaluable addition to the SmartBean® team. She is more than capable of daily posting to and maintaining her clients’ books.

SmartBean® is lucky to gain Arlene’s experience to apply ‘big business’ efficiency and our smaller-scale ‘personal touch’ to maintain our client accounts with bookkeeping services.

On-Boarding Specialist

define connection as the energy that exists between people when they feel seen, heard, and valued; when they can give and receive without judgment; and when they derive sustenance and strength from the relationship.
– Brene Brown
Anastasia Weide

When I was growing up my dad owned a small commercial printing business.

He worked long hours, so we almost never saw him. Like many small business owners, he didn’t have the luxury of eating dinner with his family every night or going on vacation with his kids. Additionally, he didn’t have the help and support he needed to run his business for over 25 years. As such, he made many personal sacrifices to keep the business running to support his family.

If I could say one thing to encourage other business owners, it would be to take advantage of the strengths that other people have. For example, SmartBean® small business bookkeeping services, and focusing on what is most important to you and your business.

Life is very short and goes by quickly. It has been several years since my dad passed away, and I think he would agree with that.

Anastasia is a Certified Public Bookkeeper. She earned her Bachelor of Arts from Portland State University, and resides in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. She loves kayaking and nature walks with her husband, two sons and Corgi.

On-Boarding Specialist

The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.
– Alan Watts
Michael Alvarez

My first job in high school was with an independent children’s bookstore. In order for such a small business to survive, my boss had to be the shop owner, the sales rep, the event coordinator, and so much more. Any way that I could help meant that she had one less task to worry about that day.

As I went to school in University of California, Santa Barbara, I found a passion for working with the smaller clubs and organizations, because I found that this is where I could help out the most. When I studied abroad in Tokyo, I worked for a raw denim company that had hundreds of orders a day and was only run by 4 people. On most days I would take on a variety of jobs, from managing the website’s inventory, to getting clothes tailored.

These experiences showed me the amount of effort it takes to keep a business running, let alone trying to make it grow.

As I graduated with a degree in Economics and Accounting, I learned that taking care of a business’s finances takes a great deal of effort. Now that I am working at SmartBean®, I can help relieve that effort from small businesses across the nation through financial guidance and bookkeeping services. By taking care of a businesses’ bookkeeping, I can help them focus on the multitude of other tasks that their business leaves them with on a day-to-day basis.

On-Boarding Specialist

Destiny is not a matter of chance but a matter of choice.
– William Jennings Bryan
Kate Dunn

I come from a military background. I was raised in the United States and then moved to England, where I stayed for 11 years before returning to the United States.

I love to travel, and one of my favorite things to do is to travel on cruise ships to different countries. After graduation, I went directly into bookkeeping. I found that I enjoyed working with numbers and problem-solving. I have worked for large corporations, small businesses and ran a small construction company for several years. I found my passion in small business bookkeeping services.

I find it very personal and rewarding and thoroughly enjoy interacting with people and helping them with bookkeeping services.

Client Service Bean

Don’t let life happen to you.
– Unknown
Savannah Nelson

Growing up in Maui, Hawaii and having the pleasure of traveling has given me a respect for diversity and the simple pleasures in life.

Currently residing in Cottage Grove, Oregon, with my three dog children and fiancé, I enjoy cooking, learning, and traveling. Seven years ago, my small business bookkeeping journey began, and I have continued to look forward. Servicing our clients isn’t just going the extra mile but being the extra mile. Small businesses are the real backbone of this country and it is an honor to serve and support families.

Life is full of surprises, challenges and wins. As a tiny speck on the globe, I’m grateful to be a member, to learn, and to grow with the rest of the world.

Client Services Representative

It’s a funny thing about life; if you refuse to accept anything but the best, you very often get it.
– W. Somerset Maugham
Susan Kelley

I grew up in the Thousand Island Region of beautiful upstate NY on the St. Lawrence River. I could even see Canada from my bedroom window.

My father was the CFO/Controller for a subsidiary of a Fortune 500 company, so naturally I inherited my love of numbers and bookkeeping from him. I started working for a small industrial supplier while in college, and quickly learned that I loved the family feel of a small business. When I accepted this bookkeeping position, I was a typical broke college senior who needed money to pay bills, but it turned into so much more than that. The owners of this particular business were in their late 70’s when I went to work for them, and they took me under their wing. They taught me more about the real-world application of accounting practices and principles than I ever thought possible.

They didn’t believe in computers. Everything was a manual accounting system from the inventory of 50,000 small parts, to accounts receivable, and financial statement preparation. No software to collect the numbers and put them into a financial statement, just knowledge and skill.

Not only did they mentor and teach me, but they also fed my soul. One of the most important aspects of their business for them was to ensure that their employees felt like they were family. I can recall being regularly invited to their home for home cooked meals that were out of this world. For me that is the same thing that stands out about SmartBean.

The culture here breathes family from the top to bottom. We are a family of “Beans” assembled carefully by our “Boss Bean” to ensure that our clients are treated like family and receive world class bookkeeping services (Cue superhero music and capes here).

If you want to experience a different bookkeeping company that gives you that family feel, allows you to relax knowing your financials are being prepared by top notch Beans, and gives you the warm fuzzies each time you receive your monthly financial statements, SmartBean is the family for you!

Susan attended the State University of New York at Plattsburgh, majoring in Accounting and Political Science. She has over 20 years of accounting experience in various small business settings, banking and in the corporate world. Susan currently resides in Louisiana with her husband and three children who are her pride and joy.

Client Service Representative

Surround yourself with the dreamers and the doers, the believers and the thinkers, but most of all surround yourself with those who see greatness within you, even when you don’t see it yourself.
– Edmund Lee
Gloria Endres

I grew up in a small coastal town in Florida and I have always worked for small businesses.

I have a tremendous amount of respect for small business entrepreneurs. The impact of small businesses is not just an economical one, they enrich their communities with new innovative ideas and opportunities.

Helping small businesses with bookkeeping services and their communities grow is something that I enjoy being a part of.