Meet Brandon Johnson

A New Business Owner from Southern California

Meet Brandon Johnson, the founder of Bohemian Revolution Beverage Co. and creator of Gypsy Tonic. Bohemian Revolution started out as a passion project for Brandon, he was driven to create an amazing product that did amazing things. He believes in a grassroots approach to health for the busy and demanding lifestyle; healthily, wholesomely and efficiently. Brandon has achieved just that with his discovery of Gypsy Tonic No. 29. As a self-described “creative but not a number person”, Brandon knew he needed a service that would take the stress and burden of bookkeeping off his hands so that he could focus his creative energy on Bohemian Revolution.

“That’s where it was a huge blessing to find Smart Bean Inc because then I could easily hand that whole side over.”

We had the chance to sit down with Brandon and talk to him about how Smart Bean Inc has positively impacted his life and his business.

What do you like most about working with Smart Bean Inc?

“The number one thing I’m looking forward to is seeing where exactly my business is at. I want that reality check because if there is an area that needs to be tuned up I want to know. [They’ll] give me the 100% straight truth.”

How has Smart Bean Inc helped you so far?

“They made sure that everything got transferred, uploaded, categorized correctly and placed where it needed to go. [Smart Bean Inc] cared about how I’m going to see my business reflected in my books. It’s been so great to have a service that has the same integrity as far as the way I like things done. It’s been a beautiful partnership.”

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