A Business Owner from Santa Ana Who Used to Do Her Own Books

Meet Jamie Michele, who took an entrepreneurial leap and launched her own Make-up and Skincare business in 2008 and never looked back. To Jamie, it has been one of the biggest and hardest experiences of her life, but she has learned that if she keeps on believing in why she does what she does, it will happen. And it has! Today, ten years after starting her own business, she still loves learning about her clients’ stories, and giving them practical tools in skincare and makeup so that they feel confident wherever they are.

We had a chance to visit Jamie at her beautiful and cozy salon in Santa Ana, California. We learned about her success and challenges, and her decision to outsource her bookkeeping to Smart Bean Inc.

When did you realize that doing your own books wasn’t the best use of your time?

“I wanted my time and energy to be taken up with providing services for my clients. So when it came to the back end of my business, which was finances as far as bookkeeping, that became a little overwhelming for me. I realized numbers isn’t my strength and I think I’ve always put that pressure on myself to be able to do it all.”

What do you like most about working with Smart Bean Inc?

Jamie likes “having a company that really values you as an individual, as a business and really wants to see you succeed, as well as take care of your books. Not only does [Smart Bean Inc] take care of your books, but [they] also have everything reconciled on a daily basis [that was what] drew me into what they were all about.”

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SmartBean®  Bookkeeping:

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I had a bookkeeper

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